The Best of It: I Keep Forgetting What Day it is Edition

Duolingo always keeps language study a little surreal
  1. Astrid is starting to get more comfortable spending time in the yard even after I’ve gone inside. I always keep the door ajar so she can let herself back in. I’m excited to see her get more comfortable and secure.
  2. My car passed the annual state inspection.
  3. My service tech at the dealership told me that my car is in “shockingly good condition” considering it’s 11 years old.
  4. Cucumber sandwiches.
  5. All of the time-sensitive, mandatory professional development is done!

The Best of It: I Meant to Post Yesterday But Then Forgot Edition

Astrid wants to drive.
  1. The feeling of starting a fresh notebook.
  2. That feeling when you’re working on a poem that has some strong energy.
  3. Finally having settled on the notebooks I want to use for the rest of my writing life. (Plain composition books; keep it simple.)
  4. I finally finished my Pilates Level 1 mat certification!
  5. Canceled meetings

The Best of It: Work Stuff Edition

Currently reading
  1. I’ve completed my biennial ADA Awareness training!
  2. I have so much professional development lined up that I don’t have to worry about meeting my hours for the coming academic year.
  3. Some of it I even get paid to do!
  4. Recording my one-minute fall course promo video actually went okay!
  5. The Purdue OWL remains to this day one of my favorite writing resources

The Best of It: Bits and Pieces Edition

  1. How when Astrid wags her tail, she wags her entire body.
  2. That I bought this patio dining set super cheap on Craigslist, and a little sanding and teak oil brought it back to life!
  3. I got accepted to lead a workshop in ACC’s summer software day next month!
  4. I’m loving the prompts in the Two Sylvais Press online writing retreat. They’re offering two more sessions (with two different price points), and I definitely recommend it.
  5. Propane Taxi offers easy, contactless delivery. Great if your grill is running low but you’re trying to avoid going to stores in the middle of a pandemic.

The Best of It: I Really Shouldn’t Save the Title for Last Edition

Issues 1 and 50 of Borderlands side by side, both featuring art by James Surls.
  1. I finally finished issue inventory for Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review!
  2. I cut my thumb deeply yesterday, but thanks to super glue and butterfly bandages, I avoiding needing to go to the ER for stitches.
  3. That I’ve gotten diligent about sharpening my knives every month. A dull knife would have caused way more damage!
  4. Michi Ramen has an option on their to-go menu where you can swap out the meat and swap in two ajitama. As someone who adores ajitama, I’m thrilled!
  5. I appreciate that my neighbors all understand who gets sidewalk space and who has to step into the bike lane to maintain social distancing when we pass each other.

The Best of It: Mostly Poetry Things Edition

Strawberry rhubarb pie with homemade whipped cream
  1. Getting to watch Jericho Brown and Jorie Graham read via Zoom
  2. Having an abundance of online poetry events to choose from
  3. Working on a new prose poem piece
  4. I am so sad that I Scream Social is ending, but I am so grateful for the past five years, and the friendships that formed
  5. Making my favorite couscous recipe for lunch